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FourFortyFour South Flower management encourages all tenants to embrace the Building's recycling program, which is user-friendly and easy to follow. Recycling is a shared effort between Building tenants and staff. 

One trash container for recyclable materials is needed in each office or under each desk. This receptacle will be used for all trash items within a typical office environment and will be emptied nightly by the janitorial night crew. Acceptable items include all types and colors of paper, including cardboard. Removing staples and paperclips is unnecessary. This receptacle should not contain food waste or liquids in any form. 

Tenants should place all liquids and/or food waste in trash containers within each coffee machine area or kitchenette. Food waste containers are designated with a black trash bag. Such containers should also have labels on them that specify that they are "Food Waste Only" containers. 

A waste disposal vendor empties the Building’s dumpsters on a weekly basis. The collected materials are then transported to a recycling facility where the items are sorted and recycled.