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HVAC & Lighting

Lighting and air conditioning are provided Monday through Friday during the hours specified in each Lease and Saturday by request. An additional fee is charged for after-hours services. To obtain after-hours lighting and air conditioning services, an authorized tenant representative must submit all requests through the Genea system.

For convenience, light switches are located on floors near the passenger elevator lobbies. Tenants may use these switches to turn on lights after hours. Use of these switches incurs no additional charges. Lights will continue to go off every hour in order to conserve energy. 

Energy Conservation

In order to conserve energy and reduce operating costs, tenants should practice the following: 

  • Turn off lights when you leave the office
  • Close window coverings on warm days
  • Turn off coffee makers and other appliances when not in use

Tenant Air Conditioning Units

The FCUs (Fan Coil Units) are located along the perimeter below the exterior office windows of the Building. They represent an addition to the Building's HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) system. With an understanding of their function, most tenants find that the units are an effective source of heating as well as supplemental cooling.

FCUs provide either heating or cooling depending on the temperature the Building’s main system is providing. Adjusting the "warmer/cooler knob, controls the degree of heating or cooling. However, you will hear a click as the knob is turned past the 'center' operation. It is recommended that this knob be maintained directly in the center between warm and cool settings, which allows the unit to perform at its most efficient level and minimizes a tenant’s need to make continual adjustments. Adjusting the "fan control" knob controls the volume of airflow.

The FCUs are the only source of heat serving tenant spaces. They are located along the perimeter of the Building, where the greatest need for heat is during cold weather. To benefit fully from this system, occupants must control and operate the unit. For example, if an occupant's office is regularly cold upon arrival on winter mornings, he/she should ensure that the FCU is in the "on" position when departing for the evening. This will allow the unit to automatically begin serving the office with heat prior to his/her morning arrival. If an occupant does not wish to have heat in an office in the morning, the FCUs should be left off when departing for the evening.

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