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General Office Security

  • It is advisable that tenants exercise general security precautions at all times in order to promote office safety. Listed below are some recommended practices: Keep side office/suite doors locked or install a tenant-specific pass card system. Any tenant pass card systems must operate independently and cannot be tied to any of the Building’s systems.
  • Staff the main reception area at all times when your front door is unlocked, and ensure the receptionist is aware of the policies regarding visitors.
  • Store valuables in a locked desk or cabinet.
  • Keep the combinations to locks and safes confidential.
  • Notify the Property Management Office immediately in the unlikely event that solicitors or strangers are observed loitering on your floor.
  • Maintain a current inventory of keys, PIN numbers and/or card keys assigned or loaned to employees.

Security Escort Service

Upon request, a security officer will escort any employee of the Building to his/her car in the FourFortyFour South Flower parking garage or to the perimeter of the Property. Please contact the lobby console at 213-624-6319 for assistance.