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Maintenance Requests

Engineers are available at FourFortyFour South Flower to assist you with any needs you may have. Services include replacing non-standard lighting, servicing individual non-standard air conditioning units, and miscellaneous plumbing and electrical repairs. These services can be requested via the work order system and are subject to above-standard charges.

Genea (Energy Services Platform)

Genea provides tenants with a convenient and efficient way to order after-hours lighting and air conditioning. Tenants may access the system using the internet, the smartphone application, or the phone.

Each tenant is assigned a company I.D. number, and each authorized individual within the company is assigned a personal I.D. number. These numbers must be kept confidential in order to prevent unauthorized persons in your office from ordering billable services. Office managers may add or delete users.

The subsequent instructions take you step-by-step through the ordering and cancellation process. Standing orders (orders for lights and air that are continuous) can also be placed through Genea.

Click here to download the After Hours Air Conditioning and Lighting Quick Guide (opens in new window)

Some of the benefits of Genea are:

  • Convenience - Tenants may place an order at any time and from anywhere with no paper work.
  • Confirmation of Service - The system will repeat your order and give you the total cost of the transaction. Services ordered during Lease hours incur no charge. Services ordered outside of Lease hours are billable. The system will clarify the number of hours that are chargeable.
  • Energy and Cost Savings - Orders can be cancelled by logging into the system. Tenants do not incur charges for the cancelled order and energy is conserved.
  • Billing - Tenants will receive a detailed monthly invoice that lists each individual order and the authorized person who ordered the service

Click here to download the After Hours Air Conditioning and Lighting Quick Guide (opens in new window)

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