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Contractor Access

The Property Management Office must approve all construction, painting, or any type of improvement prior to the commencement of any work. You may download a list of approved contractors below. The Building Access Request Form should specify details regarding the work that will be performed in your suite along with the specific time and date.

Click here to download the Building Access Request Form (opens in new window)

Click here to download the Certificate of Insurance Requirements for Vendors (opens in new window)

Click here to download the Approved Building Contractors List (opens in new window)

Security Procedures:

We respectfully request that all visiting guests and contractors follow the Building’s rules and regulations at all times to maintain tenant safety.

Access Card Procedures

Contractors are required to show state-issued identification at the loading dock to enter the Building. Each worker will be issued an access card on a daily basis. If a construction worker is found on the Property or a construction floor without the proper access card, he/she will be immediately escorted off the Property.

Miscellaneous Deliveries:

All deliveries of materials for construction must be approved one (1) business day in advance through the Property Management Office. Deliveries of construction materials will be held at the loading dock entrance until the manifest and content are inspected and approved by security personnel. Drivers and delivery personnel moving materials up and into the Building must be properly identified and issued an access card before proceeding. Loading dock reservations and freight reservations are required twenty-four (24) hours in advance of all deliveries.

Property Removal

A Property Removal Permit will be required for any item being removed from the Building.

Click here to download a Property Removal Permit (opens in new window)

Parking Procedures

All contractors must use the monthly parking garage whenever possible. The height clearance for the parking garage is 6'-6". Vehicles of greater height must park elsewhere. Reserved parking on the loading dock requires prior approval and can only be obtained from the Property Management Office. Contractors must park in designated areas on C Level. Individuals whose vehicles are found on other levels or areas will have their parking privileges revoked and may be dismissed from the job.

Parking Validations

Parking validations can be purchased at the Parking Office located on A Level. Workers with vehicles in the parking garage must have a parking validation before leaving. A vehicle with a lost ticket will be charged the price of one full day.

Please Note: Delivery vehicles are allowed to park on the loading dock for a maximum of twenty (20) minutes. Deliveries that require more time or multiple trips via the freight elevator must be made after hours.

Click here to download a copy of Contractor Regulations and Guidelines (opens in new window)

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