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Tenant Access

Building Access Cards

Prior to moving in, an authorized representative of the tenant firm must submit a list of employees who shall receive Building access cards. The Property Management Office will assign every employee a pre-numbered access card. Upon arrival to the Building, each employee will need to come to the main lobby console to get a photograph taken. Pictures are taken from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday through Thursday. Employees must scan the access card at the destination dispatch system outside of the elevators in order to gain access to their floor.

All tenants are required to have a photograph taken for entry in the Building access system database. Photographs are printed directly onto the Building access card. When a Building access card is scanned, the picture will also appear on the monitor at the security console. A Building access card without a photograph is not considered valid. 

There is a nominal fee for all new and replacement cards. If a card is lost or damaged, a new card may be obtained by submitting a service requests via ETS (opens in new window). The tenant will be charged the fee for a new card through sundry billing.